TJ Sanders Group

The TJ Sanders Group started in 1979 and is located in Dallas, Texas.

We have a proven track record of success with 38 years of experience in the promotional products industry. TJ Sanders Group has had a long standing relationship working on branded items for a variety of business groups and organizations across the country and we would be excited about helping you with whatever your promotional needs are.

Promotional products are a very important part of your strategic planning for any branding or advertising campaign. We're here to help you mount a great promotion!

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Customers Like

Customers who liked receiving promotional products


Customers Recall

Customers who recall the advertiser, Whoa!


Customers Keep

Customers who kept the products they were given


Boost Response

Promotional products can boost response rates by as much as 75%!

Sometimes you need to call for help.

Let our team of experts come to your rescue and help you create a cost effective and powerful promotion.

  • Promotional items that make sense for your company
  • Budget minded ideas to keep your advertising costs down
  • Product give-aways that will make a memorable impression on your customers
  • Promotional products that your customers will hold on to and use everyday
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Phone Number:

(214) 363-9200


8150 N. Central Expwy; Suite # 1225 - Dallas, TX 75206